“My business started as a healthy hobby…”

Made By Krista was founded in 2012 by Krista Denton, here’s an insight into how it all began…

I love helping people achieve their optimum health aspirations in adding nutritious juices and a detox program to their frenetic schedule…

– Krista denton

“I began to experiment with my own cold pressed raw juices and smoothies, developing and refining the concept further. With no additives or preservatives, the unpasteurised juices are enzyme rich with the maximum amount of vital vitamins and minerals.

My aim is to help others live a long and healthy life. Daily raw juice incorporated into healthy lifestyle has a profound impact on mind, body and soul – you can lose weight, boost energy, balance mood, promote good quality sleep – the list is endless. Healthy on the inside equates to external appearance too. Radiant skin, bright eyes, lustrous hair, even stronger nails, so you go from the inside out.”


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